Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Casey Turns 5 Weeks Old

September 1, 2010

5 Weeks Old
31 Weeks 2 Days Gestation (7.75 mo. pregnant equivalent)
3 lb. 0.67 oz (original birth weight 2 lb 4 oz)

The biggest milestone of course is that Casey hit 3 lb. She's taken full feedings, they have this formula to calculate based on their body weight how much they should be eating every 3 hours. We had a worrisome last week because she wasn't gaining weight last week. They added more breast milk and fortified the milk to add more calories but she was still not gaining weight. Probably because she has become a lot more active. She' s a squirmer and she's so strong. She manages to lift her head up when she's on her tummy. We love seeing her activity but we want her to sleep and just concentrate on growing. So much is dependant on her gaining body fat. She won't be able to regulate her body temperature until she has more body fat, thus she's confined to her plastic isolette. I'm a little worried, they called me today and said they had a meeting about her slow weight gain and are going to play around with her feedings.

The other super awesome development is that she's begun to open her eyes more. The nurses have always said that she opens one eye occasionally but we almost never see it. One, she's so young and small and two, her mask put a lot of pressure on her face and caused her eyes to get puffy. She's grown into a bigger apnea mask and the swelling in her face has gone down a lot. Last week, I was treated to her opening BOTH eyes and looking around for several minutes. I was so excited, I couldn't wait for Scott to see it, but she didn't treat us to it for another few days. Since then, she's been consistently opening an eye or both eyes when we wake her up to kangaroo her.

Praise Reports:
-her Friday head ultrasound came back with a normal reading
-she has passed the 3 lb mark
-her breathing has been a little more stable...she likes oxygen levels in the mid-20's but does have to get bumped up to the thirties when her sleep is disturbed
-she's much more tolerant of being touched
-opening her eyes and looking around

Prayer Requests:
-Protection from sickness!!!
Yesterday, I visited my toddler nieces and one of them is getting over being sick. I tried to avoid her but how can you reject a cute 2-year old, albeit with abundant nose snot, who climbs into your lap and requests "hug!!!" This from the girl who doesn't have much words in her vocabulary.
I'm sick with worry too because last night we visited Casey and I kissed her soft little sweet cheek over and over again. while Scott held her. This morning I woke up extremely fatigued and with body aches. Which means I'm not going anywhere near the hospital but I'm also worried I might have already brought some germs in. Lord, please kill any germs and keep my baby girl happy and healthy.
-Gain Weight!!!
We want to aim for .7 oz gain a day.
-Complete recovery for my health
I want to wake up tomorrow and this all just have been a fluke, I was just tired from lack of sleep. This will be the first day I don't get to see Casey. One thing I was so thankful for, was that of Allison's 19 days, we were there every day.

The bug-eyed stuffed monkey is a gift from one of Casey's night nurses, Ava. Another nurse, Arlene recommended we take pictures of Casey with the stuffed monkey to show how she grows over the weeks.

We're hoping the downy layer of fur dissipates as she gets older. Fingers crossed.

Here's Daddy kangarooing with Casey. She loves it. She usually only needs very little oxygen support.

Peekaboo, Casey!!!

Kangaroo time is over. Casey definitely does not like being woken up from her slumber. Hmmm, just like Daddy.

She reminds me of that cartoon, the Snorkels.

Good night, little girl!!!
I apologize for not giving an update this past weekend. Much of our sadness over losing Rory and Allison is abated by the comfort of having Casey in our lives. Our sadness is tempered with joy. But, it also means that things that should bring me joy are tinged with sadness. Casey turned 1 month old this past Saturday. It's hard to reflect upon her birth without the sorrow of remembering that we lost Rory that day. And that delivery, which usually brings people so much joy was one filled with fear for us. That because it happened so early, we eventually lost our oldest daughter. Saturday was a rough day for me. I can't watch those million episodes of "Baby Story" or "Maternity Ward" on every channel. I had to turn off Grey's Anatomy because the storyline involved a premature baby.
I want to celebrate Casey with everything we have. She's an amazing gift. But for now, these milestones have a trace of painful memories. I know it will get easier and I want it to, but without having to sacrifice my memories of all my girls.


  1. She's beautiful Keao! And welcome to 3lbs!!! Mine were born at 3lbs and Sean even came home at 3.5lbs! I noticed the monkey - Teagan has the same one!!! Cute! Keep up the good work and before you know it she wil be home!

  2. LOVE that you keep us updated. I've been looking back on your site all the time for a new blog ;). I know, I'm obsessed. But hey, I'm not there in person to tell Casey that her favorite aunty loves her so I have to keep track of how she's doing as best as I can ;).

    SO excited that she's at 3 lbs! I'll be praying for the .07 each day! Praying for you too - just get some rest for your body & soul. Love you so much Keao. Wish I was there so we could watch Real Housewives or Bridezillas & the many other shows that take our minds off of everything else!

  3. Woo hoo 3lbs! I know she'll be 4lbs before we know it. Pretty soon she'll be coming home and we won't have to drive to the hospital every day.