Monday, January 17, 2011

Slugger- 2.5 months adjusted

Update on our New Year's night. It was fun....very very restful. We got the cheapest room we could find which was still pricey. It was pretty tiny and I opened the glass sliding door to step out onto the patio only to find out there was none. You open the glass sliding door to just find a waist-high railing across the opening. I tried to push it thinking it was some high tech expandable patio...but it wasn't. We had a sweet view of a building and a sliver of mountain. But it was perfect for us. We had an exciting night. Casey and I fell asleep at 10 pm and Scott was up by himself at midnight watching the illegal aerials fired from the parking lot below.

We're guessing Slugger is about 12 and half pounds. She had her RSV shot almost two weeks ago and she was at 12 lb 3 oz. The shots are becoming more hard as now she takes more time to calm down. She does a really sad cry and her face gets all splotchy. When she's cold or crying, her face gets super white but her nose turns red. We call her Rudolph. No rolling yet. She seemed to be getting close as she would almost roll over trying to get her thumb into her mouth. But now she's more coordinated so she can suck on her thumb without much exertion. She never liked her binky (pacifier) but now she loves it. She tries to suck on her hands and now we wake up in the middle of the night to slurping sounds as she tries to cram both hands in her mouth.

She's still cooing a lot and has just started to laugh. It's an explosive laugh followed by silence. It's funny. One time she laughed when she saw my car. I guess she finds it funny. The best story is this past week my high school friend came up from the big island. Nalani is pretty funny so I was telling Scott a story that Nalani told me. When I got to the punchline and we started laughing, Casey spit out her pacifier and laughed too. The timing was perfect.

She can't hold toys yet but she loves this Sassy mirror that I got from Amazon. When I put her down for a nap, I place her so if she looks one way she can look at the Christmas lights from our fake little tree. If she turns her head the other way, then she can look at the lights and herself reflected in the mirror. She loves the colors and the ladybug and in the past two days she's started to touch it. There's a part that makes a crinkly sound and I can hear it when she plays with it. This thing rocks. Now when we pack up Slugger to go to the grandparents, I make sure to toss that on top of the diaper bag. Can't wait to use it for tummy time.

I am returning to work soon so we're using this time to visit with friends as much as possible and try to get Slugger on a routine. We don't know what it will be like when we're both working so might as well make the most of now. We had an exceptional week of being able to see a lot of Casey's NICU aunties. And her other aunties and uncles, I just don't have pictures.

[here's Auntie Gina. I love this picture. I was on the edge of my seat as Gina precariously sipped her hot coffee while holding her sleeping son. Good job, Mama!!!]

[Slugger and I went to Auntie Mariko's baby shower. This is Mariko's parents who fell in love with Slugger and likewise, she adored them. Mariko told me that after we left, her dad kept talking about Casey and calling her "magic." How cute!!!]
[Auntie Laura must have known all about the dress code]
[Got to eat lunch with Auntie Leila who just got out of jail. JK!!! I know they say to avoid spicy food when breastfeeding. That's out the window. I eat spicy food every day. This was at a thai restaurant and the spicy curry was so ono]

Slugger is cooing. Here I am trying to teach her how to wish you all a Happy New Years!!! I don't think she's ready to embrace her Hawaiian side yet.


  1. Hee hee. I love how she looks mildly habuteru in the carseat photo. ;o)

  2. She's so much fun now that she smiles. It offsets the cries so nicely.