Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 month Videos-Crawl, laugh, and slobber

Her second time crawling (no camera the first time) with the help of Uncle John-John snatching her toy away).

She now loves to babble. She's got kind of a soft voice. She loves to say "da da da da." Scott's parents insist that she said "da da" when she saw Scott on the computer screen. But they said then she said "da da" again when Scott's sister was on the computer screen. Maybe "da da" is her word for the computer?

and now, the grand-daddy of them all. The cutest video I've yet to take. Slugger and her cousin. We met up at the beach but we also hung out with them in Kona a few hours before our plane took off. Slugger was just fascinated with Zylin, she is amazed by other kids. And Zylin decided to share a little love for his cousin. I think he thought I was saying "kiss her." So he did=)!!!

Kind of.

Warning: This might be the cutest video you have ever seen.


  1. Cute how she's moved phonetically from producing /b/ to /d/ and obviously liking it. It's super hilarious how when she's protesting, her voice is super loud, but when she's doing her repetitive syllables, she quiets down, like it's serious and she's thinking about it.

  2. How come the video of Slugger and Zylin doesn't work? It's too cute to leave out!