Sunday, December 4, 2011

16 Months Forget the couch!!

...we're walking just fine all by ourselves.


Real age: 16 months
Adj. age:  13 months
Weight:     21 lb. 2 oz.

Milestones:  She's a walking machine!!!  No longer wants baby food or purees, everything has to have substance or chewability.  Holds and can drink from a sippee cup.  Waves bye-bye and almost blows kisses (she brings her hand to her mouth and then forgets the rest). Can scribble on paper with a pen or crayong (we had no idea she knew how until the Easter Seals therapist was testing her skills).  Oops.  Starting to point when looking at a book instead of just flipping pages rapid-fire style.  Gives kisses when asked (heart melting). Has developed three distinct dance moves (the head toss, the arm swing, and the knee-bending bop).  She loves all her toys that plays songs.  She'll press the buttons and then dance away.

Schedule:  Still sleeping 10 pm to 8 am.  Still taking two naps but they're shortening slightly in length and are not as consistent.  Usually one around 11 am for 1.5 hours and one aruond 4 for 1.5-2 hrs).

Diet and Nutrition:  We switched to cow milk without any problem.  She definitely needs solid food as she can eat a whole meal and then tank 6 oz. of milk.  We struggle to find foods that she wants to eat as she is starting to get picky.  Even her favorites, she'll eagerly eat four or five bites and then she doesn't want it anymore.  Like tofu and yogurt.  Food that she will never get tired of: eggs (scrambled with no salt), breads (any kind), broccoli, cauliflower, zuchinni, rice, chicken.  Peanut butter. cheerios. She looks like she's chewing but we suspect she's really just swallowing the small pieces whole.  She only has two teeth.  She still has a disgusting habit of eating anything off the ground, she especially loves hair.  Man, the pressure to have clean floors.

Huge events: She started taking just a few steps every now and then but didn't really do much.  Seemed perfectly happy to just crawl.  We had family over the first weekend of November and it was a huge, crazy week.  As soon as everyone left, it was like she was just waiting for things to calm down.  That night, she just walked across the living room.  It clicked and she just started walking back and forth.  The next night, she was walking and turning and then walking back.

She also got her first haircut.  Her bangs were getting so long and she learned to take out her hairbands which she would promptly toss in her mouth as a snack.

And after a pretty great year, she had a really rough week right after Thanksgiving.  She was playing and go to close to a hibachi  that had been used early.  She burned her hands pretty bad.  At first, she was in a lot of pain and it was just horrible for everyone to see.  Thankfully, she fell asleep and when she woke up, she wasn't bothered at all.  Unfortunately, her hands had blistered so we had to wrap her hands to protect them while they healed.  She's been quite amicable, adapting well to her club hand.  Then, she got very sick and developed a fever that just wouldn't go down.  We're nervous parents who are constantly in touch with medical professionals so we know all the warning signs to look for and what they could mean.  Nothing except the fever but it just wouldn't go down even with medicine.  But then one night, her fever sailed up to 105 and we found ourselves racing to the ER.  Her first visit to the hospital.  She had to undergo numerous blood tests and X-ray and her tears made everyone sad.  But she cheered right up, happily trying to lick her oxygen mask.  All the nurses kept stopping by, completely charmed by her.  As we walked out after a long sleepless night, she happily waved by to everyone in the ER.

We're so relieved that she survived everything and her little body is healing well.  She's such a trouper although she has become way more whiny.  I'm really hoping it is just because she sick.  And I'm thankful for every day that we get to hug her and love her, all she has to do is flash her gummy smile and the sun just shines.

An update wouldn't be complete without pics.  Here's pictures from her first hair cut and a photo of her bandaged hand, the "club."


  1. Haha, what is with the Elvis snarl there, Slugs?!

    Hope everybody is feeling much better soon!

    i love asian baby haircuts! xxx

  3. omg she is too cute for the words!!!! all she needs is a pair of cowboy boots with that onesie! xoxoxo

  4. Thanks!!! I love the Elvis snarl picture. So hilarious. The picture right after is it right after I chopped her bangs and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the result. It is HARD to cut a one year old's hair. She did not stop moving. My only consolation is that it will grow back...and hopefully, I'll get better with time.

  5. Hooray for walking and haircuts! Good thing you got a picture of the chicken too...