Sunday, December 4, 2011

13 Months Couch walking already!!


Real Age: 13 months
Adj. Age: 10 months

Milestones: Holds on to things and slowly cruises along.  Still only two teeth on the bottom.  No new words besides Dada and barking "woo woo" when she hears Charlie barking.

I'm writing this 3 months after the fact.  Ack, I can't remember what she just started learning at that phase.  Bad bad mommy.  August was a big month for us.  I started a new job that allows me to be home at night and on weekends, but it also meant that we had to find a babysitter a few days a week.  What a stressful journey that was.  I never realized how much timing plays into things as most of the home daycares just didn't have openings.  We did manage to find a few qualified places but really lucked out when the mom of one of Slugger's friends said she was thinking about starting babysitting to supplement their house income.  What a relief that was.  We loved the mom, she's sweet and she's British.  Scott jokingly requested that she sing Mary Poppins songs to Slugger everyday.  We half-hoped Slugger would develop a British accent as well.

Slugger loved it there but as it worked out, another babysitter whom came highly recommended had an opening and our current babysitter found out she was...expecting her second baby!!!  It truly felt like God was helping ease us through transitions and finding Slugger the perfect place.  Slugger goes to her current sitter only a couple times a week but she LOVES it.  She LOVES the other kids there.  It's such a comfort to my heart when I pick her up to see that's she happy.   We've been putting her in the church nursery and she can't wait to play with the other babies.  Last week, we kept her out because she was sick and we didn't want the other babies to get sick.  Slugger cried when we just walked by the nursery without leaving her there.

I'm going to post her 16 month update already but I wanted to share these photos that we took on the beach while Daddy was performing a wedding nearby.

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  1. One thing I learned from wedding? Slugger only likes to be tossed up and down three times. After that she's completely over it.