Thursday, August 5, 2010

The role of a husband

Scott has a blog that he shares through his Ignite ministry at Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay. He's wanted to journal our girls' birth story but hasn't had the time...and, really, has been worried about the pain of reliving it.

It's absolutely beautifully written and although it was hard for me to read ( it was so touching and eloquent I just sob each time I read it), I love that he has recorded our children's arrival. It's hard to remember, yet, I'm terrified that I'll forget. And memories are all we have of baby Rory, so they are precious precious gold to us.

See his journal here:

I married a good man. Okay, he loves the Dodgers and he'll eat anything on a dare, but he's still a good man=) So much so, that when I try to vent to my sisters because he angered me (which is rare), I get absolutely zero sympathy from my family. They refuse to listen to me, their sister, the one who grew up with them for the last 31 years. Without any of the story, they immediately take Scott's side and scold me and tell me not to screw it up. You just got to love family.

In the hospital, he never left my side once I was out of recovery. When I was stronger, I tried to convince him to let his friends take him out to get some food. He refused. The hospital brought me meals but not for him, but Scott was content just to sit there in the room with me. Fortunately, we had a stream of family and friends visit who could bring him food. Every visitor he came, Scott proudly escorted each of them one by one to the NICU to visit the babies. Someone gave us advice that I love "the best gift you can give your children is to love your spouse." Scott makes it so easy for me. I am so blessed to have Scott as my husband...and my girls are blessed to have him as a father.

Scott's story


  1. Aww, what a nice tribute to such a wonderful sounding man! You sure lucked out. Your sisters are right. Don't mess it up :) Just kidding. I love you so much and I'm stoked to be married to you!

  2. Omg, I hope Nich and I have HALF of what you guys do. You make me excited to be married & want me to want to love Nich even more than I already do!