Saturday, August 14, 2010

Special Guest Appearance

Our little girls had some visitors and now...I'm not the only one blogging about them. Scott's good friend from high school, Crissy, and her hubby, Todd, came to visit bearing a cute gift. A lunch bag (that I'm already using) filled with pacifiers, teethers, and mittens. We had a great time just hanging out near the girl's isolettes talking...and the best part was that she took these amazing pictures. She captured our girls' character. It's awesome.

Check out her blog to see more pics of the girls.

Quick update: As of today, both girls are now over 2 lb. Allie has finally broken the 2 lb barrier coming in at 2 lb 1 oz!!! Casey is at 2 lb 5 oz. Please keep praying for them. I was trying to find blogs of other preemies so I could look for some sort of timeline...and I was reminded that some parents lose their preemies. We must stay vigilant and keep a covering of prayers over these two angels.


  1. Yay, Allie! =) It's pretty impressive that she broke 2 lbs. after all that poop Thursday night -- she dirtied two diapers in a single minute. That must mean she's ingesting a lot!

    Glad you are able to use the lunch bag. I thought it was way classier than giving you the presents in a Starbucks paper bag. Must mean I'm moving up in the world. Ha ha.

  2. thank you jesus for your continuous love and protection!

    keao - this blogger i read has a baby similar to the girls...i think he's 4 weeks?

  3. Yay Allison! Keep growing. Thanks Crissy for coming to visit and sharing with us!