Friday, March 18, 2011

7.5 Months Old

Real Age:
7 months 2 weeks old
Adj. Age: 4 months 2 weeks old

Weight: 14 lb.
-Rolls back to front easily
-Rolls stomach to back occasionally
-starting to prefer standing assisted rather than sitting
-reaches for and grabs objects
-Likes to rub her hair and ear when she eats
-bites anything she can put in her mouth
-now giggles in addition to laughing, I think her neck is ticklish
-does great on tummy time
-really seems to love reading books, she stares at the bright colors and illustrations

Slugger had her first tsunami warning and she slept through the whole thing. She’s been through enough, natural disasters don’t phase her. I’m working overnight which is hard on the body but great for motherhood. I get to put her down for the night and leave immediately for work and I get home in the morning just as she’s waking up for her breakfast. It’s a hard shift but it’s awesome to see her wake up in the morning and she rewards me with a smile every time she sees me peeking over her crib.

I can’t believe how fortunate we are that she’s remained healthy. One of the blogs I faithfully follow has quadruplets born a few months before Slugger. They came down with RSV for the 2nd time this winter and one of the quads ended up in the hospital. Thankfully, he’s out and all the babies are recovered. We are slowly introducing Slugger into our regular routine but faithfully armed with sanitizer and firm requests for everyone around us to wash their hands. We have such amazing friends. We usually don’t have to ask. Everyone immediately heads for a sink the minute Slugger comes near. Slugger is starting to recognize strangers. So, we’re trying to make sure she’s around our friends and family as much as possible. We meant to take her to church in March but it’s been too hard now that I am sleeping during the days.

Last night, we took her to Ignite’s bowling at K-Bay Lanes. It hit me that the last time I went bowling was at the very same lanes, but Slugger was still in the hospital at the time. Now she’s home with us. She’s such a happy baby. She has a small bump on top of her head that I believe was a cyst. Her pediatrician agreed with us but wanted to send us to a dermatologist because cysts aren’t very common in such young babies. First thing the dermatologist asked us as Slugger smiled and laughed just looking at him “Is she always like this?” Yup. “Wow, she’s a really happy baby.” Yes she is!!! He went on to examine her head and told us that the cyst probably arose harmlessly from her head gear putting pressure on her skin. It’s nothing to worry about. I brought up these tiny skin bumps on her forearms that I swear just popped up the last couple of months. I was surprised when he asked “Did she have IV or transfusions in the hospital?” She had both. He says the tiny bumps are just scar tissue from that. Again, nothing to worry about. It was such a relief and I walked out of that appointment feeling like I could breathe again.

And what you really are here for: Pics of Slugger. here she is today with today's current weight. She's sporting her St. Patty's green and she is part Irish (no thanks to Scott). I remembered to include her monkey buddy. he's wearing her preemie hat and diaper.

Some pictures from this past week in our living room.
She definitely has Scott's eyes and mouth. But my looooong eyelashes!!!
She also sneezes a lot, just like me. Uh-oh.

And she's in her drooly stage. I call her drooly julie.

Here's a stop action of her turning over. She can do it both ways but she almost always does it just one direction.

Some pics with daddy in our third bedroom where I love the light.


  1. She does sneeze a lot! Is it too early to diagnose if she has allergies? I hope not.

  2. She could not be MORE precious.... melts my heart. I can't wait to kiss her little face!

  3. She is adorable...Scott, sneezing may be just her body naturally cleaning itself. We will pray that...NO allergies! =)